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    When you hide God's word in your heart

    you have everything you need to live a meaningful life.


    The words you memorize will come to you in your time of need.


    The Holy Spirit can bring to mind the passages you need to hear

    when you need answers to prayer.


    So, what if you were able to memorize all 31,102 verses in the Bible.?


    Is it possible?



    Yes. Is it easy?

    Well, yes and no.


    It takes daily discipline and a little over 30 years(!) based on my method,

    but we have designed a system that makes it easier

    even for those of us whose brains are a little older...


    We start small, memorizing chapters at a time,

    but in tiny, manageable chunks

    giving you everything you need to not only memorize,

    but to recite on demand with references.

    We help you make scripture a dynamic part of your life.



    What does this system include?


    => a list of really useful study tools and processes to help the scriptures come alive.

    Some are free, some you can pay for, and all are voluntary but highly recommended.


    => Worksheets and practices to help you connect with the text in a deeper,

    more meaningful way.


    => a daily assignment of either listening to, learning, studying,

    and/or reviewing scripture.


    => a quick way to program everything you need to do with each verse

    into an automated to-do list, so you always know where you are,

    and what you're doing (literally copy, paste, click a button, done).


    => Step-by-step instructions that -- if you follow them faithfully --

    will lead to a whole new relationship with the Bible

    and a whole new relationship with God.


    => Need to take a break? No worries.

    Just remember what lesson you're on, and pick it up again when you're ready.


    And the cost for the system for learning the WHOLE Bible?



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